It’s Going to Be a Busy Year!
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It’s Going to Be a Busy Year!

All signs indicate that 2017 will be a very busy year for BC’s construction industry. Work in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) will boom as the Massey Tunnel Replacement Project commences later this year. 

The projected upward trend in industrial, commercial, and institutional construction will be further propelled by major overhauls on wastewater treatment plants in North Vancouver and Delta, continued work on the Site C Clean Energy Project, as well as the start of the G3 Terminal. This will offset a gradual decrease in the residential sector.

The development of our natural resource sector will continue to drive investment and growth for the BC economy, which should result in many exciting opportunities for CLAC members. Pipelines, mine construction/expansion, and LNG facilities will create a strong demand for your skill set and leadership. 

CLAC members—leaders in ICI construction—will be adding many more CLAC-built projects to an already robust list in the years to come.

Kevin Kohut, BC Construction and Mining Coordinator 

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